Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Keep the dream alive Columbus.

Do you like where you live? Do you like the eclectic city scene, the best-place-to-raise-your-children suburbs, the flagship fast-food testing, the Buckeye's, the Clippers, the Crew, the festivals, the everything? 

If you do, tonight is very, very important. Our team – the Columbus Blue Jackets – have their first-ever home game for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And we must win. In a recent interview after our last matchup, the players told reporters "With our fans getting loud like they have been at home, we hear it, we feel it – we play better." This is what it's all about for us and our city. Get behind your team, make some noise and show the nation we are serious. Wear a wig, shake your shaker, or just scream and stomp. But most of all, make some noise. Tonight is a historic event for our beloved city and we owe it all to the guys on the team. So get loud and let them know we appreciate the effort.

Go Jackets. Shake the Curse.

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