Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feel Good?

Should we feel good about tonight's game? Well, tonight the Arena District was buzzing so loud it could be felt in the suburbs. The energy was thick and the color was blue. I could not find a person in the city that was unaware of the playoff game tonight.

Inside the arena there was even more energy. The number of blue wigs in the crowd made me shed a tear of pride. And the noise – the fans have never been more intense. Even the Redwings Henrik Zetterberg said it was a loud building.

Yes, the game could have been better. The early goal by the Red Wings stung. It appeared we had trouble recovering. However, unlike most games in the arena, we ended the game with intensity, breaking Osgood's shutout and bringing the entire arena to their feet. This being a far cry from the typical letdown in the last few minutes of the previously cursed games.

Whether you were there or at home there should be no doubt how you should feel. Feel good. Feel Damn good. We're making history. Win or lose we're a hockey town. And I for one am friggin proud of our Jackets.

Go Jackets. Shake the Curse.

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