Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fever pitch.

Intense. This was a game of fans. The first period was physical with some outrageous hits. Mason was robbed twice with unfortunate deflections. And the fans never sat down.

The second period was down right incredible. I laughed, I cried, I hugged the guy next to me. The crowd was taunting the Wings goalie by chanting his name "Osgood, Osgood." Wholly crap this was a fired up playoff crowd. There may have been fewer Blue Hairs in the arena, but those without made up for it with a noise level that probably upset the neighbors. The concrete in the stadium shimmied with excitement.

Third period I'm hoarse. The teams are fighting with each other like trashy neighbors. There was more back and forth than a tennis match. Then, a controversial call on the Jackets for too many players. Just crappy. And the Wings take advantage on the power play to make it 6 - 5 with 1:34 left to go. This my friends is why we think there is a curse.

We may have ended our playoff series tonight but not without an incredible last game. This team and coach have proven to everyone that they deserve respect in the NHL. 

Speaking of respect, our mission has been to get this city behind the Jackets and to get fans to show the support that makes these guys play with the intensity we saw tonight. I hope you noticed the correlation between the the level of play and the level of fan craziness. This is what great fans do. Tonight, we the fans gave the Jackets the respect they deserve.

Talent, character and resilience. These are the traits of the real Columbus Blue Jackets. Be proud Columbus, this is only the beginning.

Go Jackets. Shake the Curse.

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