Monday, February 16, 2009

The Stars were aligned.

It was all there. The team was on, the fans were into it, the energy in the arena was amazing. We had no excuses. I can't even say it was the curse. (Although, there were only a few Blue Hairs in the arena.) But we played well. Really well.

Let's not forget the last time we played the Stars. They served our Jacket asses to us. To compare, I would say we brought our game right, right up to the end. Which is why we ended up in a shoot-out. Shoot-outs are weird like that. You can't say a team really wins in these endings. It's more like the player that gets it past the goalie that wins. But someone gets the dubya, and it was not us.

While we needed this game, we are still in it. The way we played shows we have come a long way. We can't let this season get away from us. I hope you like riding the fence because we may be riding the playoff line like a worn out rodeo cowboy. Let's keep our heads up, hair on, and continue to Shake the Curse. We've made it this far.

Shake the Curse.

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