Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Dan LaCosta. Wow. His second NHL game and his first career shutout. Not too shabby. So, Mason and Dubielewicz can get their needed get-well rest.

With 31 saves - including a last second close one - LaCosta brought the Columbus Blue Jackets to a 3-0 win against the Colorado Avalanche.

While the Arena is always a good time, the first two periods of this game were well, a bit underwhelming. Plenty of turnovers and very little excitement. But that's ok, the Jackets turned it on in the third period.

Murry, Williams and Modin kept everyone on in the arena their feet for the third period. Again the Jackets have proven they have the depth, and when their heads are together, they will win.

Shake the Curse.

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