Saturday, February 14, 2009

Showing the Curse We Are Serious

Nationwide Arena was buzzing. It was a sell out crowd. There were a smattering of Blue Hairs. Mason is back. With all the positive energy, we have shown the curse who is boss, and once again kicked the tails off the Red Wings.

Red Wings three-time Cup winner Chris Osgood, said "He's good. He's real good," when asked about Jackets goalie Steve Mason. "He kind of reminds me of Tom Barrasso when he used to play. He's real agile and has quick reflexes and he's big. He doesn't just rely on his butterfly. He moves around and makes some big saves." Wings coach Mike Babcock said "They've got a real good team. They've got good balance and heavy bodies. And I thought Mason did a good job." The Jackets are finally getting well deserved respect.

This was an intense game right up to the end. The Jackets kept the Red Wings working hard and of the defensive most of the night. At one point the Wings looked like a bunch of monkeys trying to chase a banana around the ice. We worked them like a good team should. The Jackets were "on."

Goals were scored by Raffi Torres, Jason Chimera and Jason Williams. Great job guys. But we must acknowledge that these goals were made possible by a team that worked together with an intensity that is becoming more consistent.

Of course the Wings were all over Mason, especially in the last moments. Coming from behind the net on both sides, shooting from every possible angle, blocking our defenders and even sacrificing penalties to try to get a goal. All only to be denied by Mason. The Wings actually out shot us by nine shots. They looked desperate because they were. They gave up a six game winning streak. The final saves by Mason were amazing. One where he slide sideways, stacked his pads and deflected the puck off of his shin. Chuck Norris should be proud.

The arena was filled with screaming fans, I even saw a nicely dressed woman in heals pounding on the glass with excitement. It was so intense, the clock seemed to slow down. I watched every tenth second lapse in hopes of defending our win. When clock read zero, the arena roared. Everyone was on their feet for an epic and lengthy standing ovation.

When the arena is filled with fans and energy, the Jackets win. This is a fact. The players have even acknowledged their feelings about it. Whether or not you believe the Curse of the Jackets, you cannot deny that, Blue Hair or not, when this city rallies around them, they deliver. Columbus is a sports City. While the Buckeyes will always be number one in our college hearts, space has been made for the amazing professional sports our beloved city has earned. It's the fans that brought hem here, and the fans that help make them great.

Thanks for Shaking.

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