Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jackets eradicate Avalanche winning streak and the curse at the same time

The Jackets slam Colorado 4-3 on Tuesday night for their third straight win. This makes their home record 11-4 since the Shake the Curse began. Big shout out to Kristian Huselius, Jakub Voracek, Michael Peca and R.J. Umberger who all scored a goal. Goalie Steve Mason had 23 saves to improve to 16-9-1.

A most impressive drive occurred in the third period when the Jacket's hit the net three times in under three minutes - a first in Jacket's history. A very whiny Avalanche team receives a slew of penalty's in the third period letting Columbus stop the Avalanche's three game winning streak.

The Jackets have taken sole possession of eighth place and are currently in playoff contention.

Blue Hairs get a call out on Fox TV, and NBC4 TV shot a segment to air Friday at 11. The Shake Campaign and CBJ are on a roll.

Shake the Curse!


  1. SHAKE THE CURSE IS KILLER!!!! You guys seem like true CBJ fans! I'm inspired to make my shakers and join the cult. See you at the next game. GO CBJ!!!!!!

  2. I think that this site is really unifying the right message that we need to push the CBJ into the playoffs. I think the right parts are coiming into place and we as fans are starting to have the right mind set. Keep it up guys you are doing all the right things!!

  3. Thank you JAM. Spread the word. Keep the faith. It's shaping up to be a great year.